May 31, 2010

Baby Speck

I am so excited about this photo shoot! My good friends Brie and Sky are expecting their first little girl! This is one of my favorite shoots and some of my favorite people, so it was perfect. They don't have a name picked out yet for her so for now, she is just speck. Enjoy, cause there are a lot of pictures. and its not even half of them!

May 26, 2010

"Me Time" Photography

So recently I have had some time to do some "Me" photography. I was able to get some of the beautiful landscape that Utah offers. We also went to the UVU car show and got a few shots of some cars there. Which, the White and Blue Fairlane is available to photography with and most likely a Sexy Red Model T. Let me know if you are interested! ;) Also, this weekend I'm doing a maternity shoot for our friends Brie and Sky so be sure to check back sometime in the next week or so for some of those images!