Oct 13, 2011

Oct 6, 2011

Introducing: The Lensbaby

So as part of birthday and just because money, I was able to buy a fun new toy! A Lensbaby! Lensbaby is a system of creative effects lenses, optics and accessories. When I bought it, I got it with the double plastic optic. I like this for its 'dreamlike' look it has, however, I decided I wanted to get a double glass optic which gives a sharper focus point. I figured it would work better for portraits where the plastic optic would look better for more artistic shots. So I bought a double glass optic, and just got it today, so in the cold rain, we went out and I got to test it out! The first two pictures are with the plastic optic so you can have a bit of comparison, and the rest are the glass optic. Enjoy!